Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome to a Brand New Year! - Fashion Jewelry in 2011

The holidays have passed and we are now into a brand new year! Each new year begins with high hopes, resolutions and much anticipation. Whether Santa Claus brought you what you wanted or not it's now time to move forward into 2011 with a sparkling new attitude and outlook!

Many people begin a new year setting resolutions to lose weight and/or improve themselves in any number of ways. This is actually a wonderful way to start 2011 because life is always all about the journey. While resolutions can bring fantastic results they can also take a great deal of work on your part. In order to add incentive for your process of renewal why not treat yourself to something sparkling and beautiful to signify a new year and new beginning for yourself? Jewelry has long served as cherished reminders of important times therefore a lovely new piece of sparkling fashion jewelry from is a fabulous way to treat yourself while not breaking the bank.

Fashion Jewelry has become extremely popular and can be seen on the hottest runways, in esteemed couture magazines and on your favorite celebrities. Is there any wonder that Costume Jewelry is so desirable? It sparkles and shines the same as the much more expensive counterparts and it far less expensive which makes it a wonderful treat for yourself and others.

May we suggest a classic and timeless piece? Our gorgeous Designer Inspired Clear Ice CZ Cubic Zirconia and Pave Cocktail Ring Bristol makes a gorgeous addition to any wardrobe. Winter is a perfect time to wear clear stones also known as White Ice. This wonderous clear stone sparkles like a diamond, simply beautiful! Clear and white stones symbolize purity and cleanliness which is perfect for the new year. It is also said to be a complete manifestation of the presence of all color and the complete energy of light. - Designer Inspired Jewelry, Celebrity Style Jewelry, Costume Fashion Jewelry Designer Inspired Clear Ice CZ Cubic Zirconia and Pave Cocktail Ring Bristol

Look beyond fabulous in our beautiful designer inspired two tone clear ice CZ & pave cocktail ring.

Brightest Blessings to You!

~ Lady Enchanted

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