Saturday, January 8, 2011

Silver and Gold. Or Something More Affordable?

Wouldn't everyone love to own lots of silver and gold? Everyone knows that gold and silver have great value. The value depends upon the purity and amount in each piece of jewelry. Normally gold jewelry whether it is white gold or yellow gold is considered to be fine jewelry; while silver jewelry is often considered to be semiprecious. Costume Jewelry on the other hand is normally not made of either gold or silver but mostly consists of metal alloys and/or beading. Costume jewelry is also referred to as Fashion Jewelry and it is often far more affordable than it's fine and semiprecious counterparts. The wonderful part of this is it allows women to stay current with many pieces of beautiful jewelry to accompany their entire wardrobe at a fraction of the cost. A fabulous source of both Costume Jewelry and Fashion Jewelry is located at Enchanting Jewels is the best source for Designer Inspired Jewelry, Celebrity Inspired Jewelry, Fine Fashion Jewelry, Couture Inspired Jewelry and Elegant Costume Jewelry at very discounted prices. Elegant Costume Jewelry for Less!

Featured Item of the Day! - Designer Inspired Jewelry, Celebrity Style Jewelry, Costume Fashion Jewelry, Elegant Costume Jewelry Designer Inspired Woven Pave Crystals Cuff Bracelet Alisa

You will be enchanted by our gorgeous designer inspired woven clear crystals cuff bracelet. Beyond fabulous!

Our Exclusive Price $19.99
Very Limited Quantity of this Beauty!

Abundant Blessings to You!

~ Lady Enchanted

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