Saturday, August 28, 2010

Getting the IT Look

What is the "it" look? It can be many things today depending on one's own personal style. Having a good understanding of your strong points and how to play them up is a good place to start. Do you know what colors you look best in? Think of what colors make your eyes pop and show off your lovely smile.. Many people become perplexed when trying to figure this out. One great way to find out is by taking this simple test. Take a white piece of paper and hold it next to the under side of your arm. Is your natural tone more golden or rosy? Most people will gravitate towards one color or another. If you're coloring is more golden you have warm coloring and will look fabulous in yellows, orange, corals, olive green, browns and turquoise.. On the other hand, if you tend to have a more rosy, pink hue you will look wonderful in pinks, purples, blues, fuchsia, black and burgandy.

Fashion Jewelry today is all about colorful hues, textures and looks. Whether you prefer long, chunky, sleek or sophisticated styles you can find lovely color themes in silver, gold and numerous multi colored looks. Our jewelry collections are sure to match any wardrobe, style and outfit whether it be winter, spring, summer or fall. offers a wide selection of elegant fashion jewelry and costume jewelry in a wide selection of colors, themes and styles. Our beautiful Fiesta Colorful Glass Crystals Beaded Necklace & Earrings Set is rich in lovely colors and will look beautiful with any outfit!

Featured Item of the Day! - Designer Inspired Jewelry, Wholesale Costume Fashion Jewelry Fiesta Colorful Glass Crystals Beaded Necklace and Earrings Set
This beautiful set features multi colored glass crystal beading with matching earrings. You will absolutely love the range of gorgeous colors! Necklace is 18" in length with extender. Earrings are 1.5" in length and feature wire hooks for pierced ears. Very nice!

Retail Price: $29.99 - Our Price $14.99

Most Abundant Blessings to You My Friend!

~ Lady Enchanted

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