Monday, October 26, 2009

Passionate for Purple

Raise your hand if you LOVE purple! My hand is definitely up, how about yours? Purple is one of the hottest colors of the season and Enchanting Jewels has just added some absolutely gorgeous new pieces to our Designer Inspired Collection. The selections we have highlighted here include the stunning necklace pictured above. This gorgeous royal purple ice emerald cut cubic zirconia pendant necklace is going to enchant and delight you! Beautiful rich purple amethyst CZ stone is surrounded by a double layer of genuine Austrian rhinestones. This large sized Designer Inspired pendant is a fiery magical delight and sure to get you many compliments!

In addition, how about a lovely matching bracelet?... This stunning Designer Yurman Inspired Cable Cuff Bracelet Royal Purple Ice Amethyst CZ makes a beautiful addition to any wardrobe. With timeless elegance this bracelet will look like you spent a small fortune on it. Beautifully rich royal purple cubic zirconia is accented with two tone Rhodium plating and surrounded with sparkling clear crystals. You will love this bracelet and the compliments you will receive! Simply Magnifique!
Purple is not only a beautiful color, it is thought to have theraputic effects as well. It is said to lift moods and is thought to enhance wisdom. The color purple is appeasing, uplifting and soothing. It signifies power, healing, meditation and religion, wisdom and spirituality. Purple was once a European symbol of royalty and nobility.
Our Cubic Zirconia gemstones are grown in a controlled environment which allows them to have marked clarity and color depth without the flaws or inclusions often found in natural grown stones. What this means for you is a perfected gemstone at a lower price. Please see for our fantastic collection of CZ, Austrian Crystal and Designer Inspired Jewelry.
Brightest blessings to you..
Wishing you a beautiful day!

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Lorri said...

This is a stunning bracelet!