Sunday, October 5, 2008

Extra Money in Tough Times

Turn on the tv these days and most of what you hear is about the economy. With the cost of groceries, gas and other necessities on the rise it's best to have an alternative method to produce extra needed cash. A great way to do this is by selling items via the internet, to friends & family or by hosting home parties. One should find a niche group of items that they enjoy working with. Most women love jewelry & accessories therefore a great deal of money can be had by selling beautiful items to others. Jewelry is perhaps one of the easiest items to sell. Simply by wearing items you wish to sell to others you will attract attention and thereby become a walking billboard for your own sales. Jewelry moves fast and can be sold in a number of different ways.

Home parties are very popular these days and allow groups of friends to get together for a few laughs, food and good times. It also allows you to showcase your lovely items and accumulate orders. Home parties nearly always guarantee great sales numbers. Hosting parties are an easy and enjoyable process. It's best to start with friends and acquaintances. Offer a free gift (or gifts) to your host in exchange for hosting a girl's night jewelry party. Encourage your host to invite as many friends of their own to ensure a nice crowd and better sales. By wearing your own jewelry items and bringing many to display you will be sure to pick up many orders that you can order through your supplier then deliver to your clients.

Another very popular method of obtaining sales is via the internet. This may seem a little overwhelming however, if you can write and email then you can create online sales in a snap! There are many venues to sell online these days and the best part is many of these are FREE! Online sales can provide substantial income because having an online sales presence is like having a store that is open 24/7 and available to literally millions of potential customers. Below are listed just some of the online sites you can utilize to sell your items:

eBay - the king of all online auction selling sites
eCrater - 100% Free Marketplace - Open your free online store, free listings
iOffer - Free listings, Free online store
Bonanzle - Free to list items, very low final value fees
OnlineAuction - Create your own Free online store
BluJay - 100% Free - Free listings, Create your Free Online Store
buyitsellit - Create a free account and your own store site
CHShops - Create your own store & site plus site advertising in CHShop online mall for only $4.95 per month.
specialistauctions - very low cost selling venue
tazbar - Free listings - 3% fee on sales.
Wagglepop - Community oriented low cost selling auction venue.
Wensy - Offering free online auctions - no fees.
All of the sites mentioned above provide fantastic opportunities to sell jewelry and other items at great prices. Final prices can be increased with neat and orderly listings and presentations. You don't need to know HTML and other tricks, just make sure to have clear and concise language in your listings as well as detailed descriptions. Plenty of money can be made; especially in the upcoming holiday season. A great source to find items to sell is also useful. You will find our large selection of wholesale costume and fashion jewelry a terrific source. You may also want to expand your business to incorperate your own personal flair. Candles, handbags, cosmetics and handmade items are also steady sellers. One key thing to remember in becoming successful in your own business is to sell something that you truly enjoy. This will keep things fresh, fun and interesting.


Bill said...

Hey, thanks for the mention!

I think that one of the reasons Bonanzle has taken off so fast is precisely because it has found such a positive community of people that make it easy to forget about all the rotten news that is getting relayed to us every day through the news.

Plenty of good times ahead at Bonanzle!

Enchanting Jewels said...

Hi Bill,
You're very welcome for the mention. I've heard many terrific things about Bonanzle. Much continued success to you!
-Enchanting Jewels

James Parker said...

Hi Enchanting Jewels
You have shown great collection of Bonanzle here. and i agree with you that Jewelry is one of the easiest items to sell. Nice post!
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